feeling disconnected from the system recently. i hope theyre doing ok

- lucy

me: "what would be a good fantasy vtuber design"
akarin, the member who's gonna be the vtuber: "APPLES"
me: "no"
akarin: "YES"

anyway she has an apple for hair now ig.

- lucy

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

autism talk, personal experience 

plural + aut mood:
- you've got comfort characters.
- you've got fictives.
- you've got the combination fictives of your comfort characters.

(- lucy)

pluralphobia, ref to yan---- sim 

this isnt a joke or a bit or anything. yanderedev is pluralphobic and literally just banned a DID system and called it the "cringiest thing ever"
- lucy

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ref to yan---- sim 

new speedrun tactic to get banned from yanderesim discord:

be plural

This is hilarious: Tokyo police raids the HQ of a communist group (中核派, "Japan Revolutionary Communist League, National Committee" but literally "Middle Core Faction").

Police attacks the main door shutters with buzz saws. A side door opens, to elderly men in masks appear and say "just use the door" (ultra-left in Japan are all old men).
Then they check the police's search warrant, and then, best of all, they take their temperature before letting them in.


east asian people: here is msg, its a kind of salt that tastes good

white people: hmm, this is bad, for some reason

- lucy, tsubasa O, tsubasa H, akari, hina, basically all of us in the system

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caps, pluralphobic media mention 

dear singlets:
sincerely, the plural community

so we want to start vtubing for real and aaaaaaaa we just can never get the energy to actually hit the button aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
- lucy + akari s


- tsubasa o

discourse? maybe 

seriously "y'xll" sounds like a vim key sequence

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so today we broke our old server. merged with a new one. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
- lucy

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