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societal dot co continues to be filling up with Parler and Qanon accounts with no moderation intent, they have a Spiked account which posts far right Qanon conspiracy stuff continually and they are currently listed as the number 2 account on's "general" accounts sign up page list for new people.

They (Societal) are a very astroturfy UK clothing brand site that sells "progressive" clothing but also thin blue line clothing while also another branch of whoever is running them runs "Godinterest dot com" which is a Christian clothing site and congregation? vaguely anti-vax news site.

Their about page when talking about getting the "societal app on android" says to download the Gab app.

Their instance description lists them as "We champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online".


I just got done with a 9 hour JS programming session and I feel fried.

if you're white and you use the internet, you have a duty to ensure that the spaces you are in are not a safe space for white supremacists. no, "oh but I like this person and they've never done anything in MY group" -- listen to us. listen to what we have to say. report people to the mods or if it's an ongoing problem, *leave the fucking group and let people know why you're leaving*.

make mods explain their decisions. make it uncomfortable. make it weird.

it's the LEAST you can do.

for some reason i keep wanting to use 'wwww' as laughter

am i turning into a fucking weeb

uspol - messaging 

every boogeyman is being thrown out by the media to try to deflect the clear complicity displayed yesterday.

I've seen "anarchists", "Russians", "antifa terrorists", etc on those news stories already like goddamn read from the beginning. he's been posting this over the course of this past year and it's been terrible

Oh boy my interests are dropping at an alarming rate and I have no idea what to do.

We all know that corporate commitment to black lives matter is barely even skin deep and completely hypocritical given all the politicians they give money to and the causes they support.

But imagine being so casually fucking racist you decide to start a filter list for UBO that blocks BLM banners on websites but also be really cagey about its description because you know you'd probably get your account banned for it.

everyone's asleep
that's good
sleep tight everyone

Fun fact: the EU-UK post Brexit trade deal text includes a copy of the 7-bit ASCII table on page 977, just in case you happen to need it

cyberpunk 2077 crytyping 

First o,f a;ll, .we would llike to start bby apologiizing, ott you for , ,not showing the game on b;;arss e la,st--,gEn consolees beeforee it pre;mered and, In c;;onssehquennce, not all owing] yyou to mamke a moorre iforrmed eddciission about yourr purcha;se. Wee should havee paid morre attenot;;io ntoo, mak,inG it play bee.tter oon PlayStattion 4 and Xbox O..One.


just mindlessly putting my thoughts down
ideas and possible looks
no finalities I just need to draw
and draw
and draw
and everything will converge
one day

"oh man nushell seems kind of neat i'll try it out for a bit"

open <file>.svg
scroll down to a bit with 10k+ characters on a single line cause it's an auto-generated svg
it absolutely chugs to the point of printing like 1 line a second
ctrl+c out back to terminal pront
it's still printing lines of the svg text

what have i done

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